Whatever The O'Cakesion

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About Whatever The O'Cakesion

Founded in 1989, WTO was created from a very simple premise:

My beloved Granny used to make the most delicious Old-Fashioned Pound Cakes with her world-renown coconut frosting and send it to me, her favorite grandbaby. However, this particular occasion, she made my cake but instead opted to take it to church and sell it to a woman who desperately wanted it. Needless to say, I was devastated - however it got me thinking, "I will get her recipe and make my own!" And I did!

Bragging about my abilities at the workplace one day, I blurted out to my co-workers that I bake and sell cakes. And so it began - my very first cake was a Strawberry Delight which opened the floodgates for numerous orders for numerous occasions - and it continues to this day.

At WTO, we focus on providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. All delights are home-made, from scratch and guaranteed 100%! Our goal is to do everything we can to exceed your expectations! With an emphasis on custom-baked goods, we’re certain you will be happy for choosing us to create your delectable delights!

Be as creative as you like - get what you want exactly how you want it!